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Online Tutorials

Our online video art one-to one sessions and group sessions are up and running now with our Mini-Media Design Academy.

Available for Primary, GCSE/ALevel and Adult Creative Art Lessons.


Email us for more information on these sessions, to check

availability and to book a session




“James has loved Emma’s one to one sessions

and looks forward to them each week, he  has produced

some wonderful and varied art work and I have enjoyed

watching his development and progression.

 James is completely engaged during the session by

Emma’s relaxed, and encouraging approach.”

- Jean, parent of James.


“My son has been working with Emma from Mini-Media Design Academy focusing on perspective drawing. The detail in his drawings have improved greatly. I cannot recommend Emma from mini-media creatives highly enough.“

- Victoria Morris Head Teacher, Darrenlas Primary.


“Elisabeth has been given video tutoring sessions and

individual project plans and I’ve noticed how much her

drawing skills have improved. My daughter truly enjoys

both the process and the end result of her art projects with Emma.“

- Marina, Parent of Elisabeth, Marston, Oxford.


“Emma delivered a wonderful nature/beach themed project

at our school, the children were thoroughly engaged with the

activity and produced beautiful project work for their creative

enterprise evidence.”

- Caroline Morgan Head Teacher Oystermouth

Primary School, Mumbles, Swansea.


Coming soon!

Lesson Plans


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